CT Network - New Exciting Site

I've been planning this one for a long time and seeming that Xenforo is about breaking new ground, I thought you guy and girls might like this...

CT Network is you could say sixteen years in the making. It highlights my creative side and lets others into my world and create their own. It ranges from stories, poems, videos, and photos to reviews and articles of the latest in entertainment and the fine arts.

While I'm planning a couple projects myself this year there's going to be a "Articles and Reviews" section set up to talk about anything that interests them and others. These sections can be made by the readers and it creates juice for myself and others to be creative and to grow as writers, film makers, whatever you desire. I would love to work with some the people here at Xenforo and I have been planning a special feature about the software in the near by future so stay tuned for that one.

Here's the link and enjoy! - www.christicehurst.net