XF 1.2 CSS Not Working

Today I transfered my XenForo forum from one webhost to another webhost.

I transfered all files, and the database. Updated the library/config.php page to my new database settings.

I am now facing a problem with the CSS or something related, the CSS is not loading.

There is no styling anymore. If you view source and open one of the CSS links, all the CSS files contain is this '@CHARSET "UTF-8";'

Also when I try and log into admin panel I get this message http://i.imgur.com/Mv17Ta6.png

I tried logging out on the homepage, but when I click the Log Out link, it doens't log me out :(

Any help?
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I have removed all files and databases from my webhost and re-installed it for a second time, but I have the same problem occur :(


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What style are you running? It looks like an @Audentio style from the footer copyright.

I've seen this on my own site when running a theme which is supposed to be a child of UI.X
I am running UI.X from Audentio yes. If it is something to do with the theme, the problem then lies in the fact that I can't log into my admin panel.
Were you caching the sessions on the previous host, via a mechanism that isn't supported on the new host?
I don't think so. The new host is a paid host with all the same features.

Navigate directly to domain/admin.php and you should be able to log in to the ACP.
I get the exact same message if I go directly to admin.php, I have logged out and in numerous times with different accounts and no luck, it still says : "The action could not be completed because you are no longer logged in".