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RM 1.1 CSS Issues


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Having issues finding the correct place to make changes here. The new resource upgrade has caused some conflicts with the CSS Code forcing the content to move to the right when it should be to the left. See image below:



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Sorry it took so long. Jeremy can I PM you this information?

Our dev couldn't fix the issue. I looked into this further and it looks like the issue is a resource_list.css issue with my current theme and specifically the line

display: table;
table-layout: fixed;

Removing/changing the bold part above doesn't complete fix it but removes the content being pushed to the right. Still trying to fix it so it adjusts it to the left.
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Sorry for the wait. Didn't have time to update this until now. I was able to get this fixed a bit but it's still not left, it can only be centered. Who do I contact here?