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XF 1.4 CSS Error: PHP:

I have this grey bar at the top of all of my pages. Debug mode is turned OFF. I don't have any modified templates. I modified one template and then backed it out. Everything is working fine, except for this annoying error box. Note: there is no error in the box, just the empty grey box.

What's wrong?

Steve F

Well-known member
Check a completely unedited default style, there is a property in a css file most likely that isn't being used or some such.

Create a new style with no parent.


Well-known member
Funny that the error is styled. Could it be a badly placed notice? Looks like the notice area, with rounded corners there
That was interesting. I created a new style with no parent and the problem went away on the user pages. I then deleted the new style and everything is still OK, except for the Admin CP which still has it.

I would like to add that I'm a recent convert from vB 5 and you guy are impressing the hell out of me! Great stuff here!