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Css and while


Well-known member
Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to make a loop or another to avoid the repetition of a css code.

Example, my code:

This code is repeated numerous time.
how to avoid duplication, please?


/* 1 */
.node{$xenOptions.4You_catId_1} .sectionHeaders {
    background-color: rgb({$xenOptions.4You_color_1}) !important;
/* 2 */
.node{$xenOptions.4You_catId_2} .sectionHeaders {
    background-color: rgb({$xenOptions.4You_color_2}) !important;
/* 3 */
.node{$xenOptions.4You_catId_3} .sectionHeaders {
    background-color: rgb({$xenOptions.4You_color_3}) !important;
/* ... */
/* 9 */
/* ... */


Well-known member
You've posted a thumbnail of screenshot, not actual screenshot. Its impossible to see your code.

From small example you've posted below, its not possible to combine those elements. Values are different