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Greetings :D.

My forum is called Cryptorun. It has predominately been created to discuss cryptocurrencies, although discussing any type of currency is acceptable and there is an off topic section to discuss anything else.

If you don't know what a cryptocurrency is, here is some information -

Although this forum isn't brand new, it was created about 6 months ago on SMF platform. I did a little to set it up and then stopped working on it for quite a while. Recently I have moved to the Xenforo platform and things are looking much more promising.

I have been tweaking my site all week since the Xenforo move and now I feel i'm 85-90% complete on what I want to do with the forum, at least for now.

The reason I have posted here is because I really want opinions on how it looks, what your initial and lasting impressions of the website are, and how you think I could improve the forum.

I know it seems a little basic, but I tend to feel that in general, less is more (if you get what I mean?). I don't like too much clutter, but I am interested in giving my users the best possible platform to read existing content and express their views and opinions.


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As you've said above, it's fairly basic, which means it's quick and easy (and light) but at the expense of looking a little generic. Always a difficult balance between stressing your own style and brand, and keeping it slick. I think you could do with some welcome message of some kind (or a tag line under the logo) explaining in a nutshell what your site is about - eg. "Cryptorun - A Cryptocurrency Community".

I'd look at some niche-specific graphical touches to liven it up, which won't slow it down. Node icons, default avatars, node description backgrounds etc. You've also got a huge space top right in the header which is screaming for something in it :)


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Very valid and helpful input. I will take that all on board and I certainly agree with you on a number of points. This is why it's great to have others review your site so I can start to learn views about the website from other peoples perspective, rather than only what I see and want.

Any more comments on the website are very welcome. I would love to have a number of different views and opinions on this :). Thank you.