Lack of interest Cron-job date/time display-conversion

As stated in this thread:

the cron-job date/time display at UTC/GMT is (imho wrong) as designed.

Edit: this "issue" only appears on creating a cron job

Some more details by ragtek's thread:

Solutions I'd prefer (also a ranking):
1. change display to the admin-account settings
2. change display to the board time settings
3. make a note that crons are displayed in UTC/GMT
I should note, that's not totally true. When you look at the overview page that shows the next run time, that's your timezone. It's only when you setup the script, when picking the hour(s) etc, that it's based on UTC.
Yeah I made an edit. I re-checked my admin-account timezone settings and I saw (*doh*) the settings: UTC instead of UTC+1

Thanks Mike
This issue just caused me a headache. I couldn't figure out why the cron that I set to run at 7 AM was running instead at 3 AM. At first I thought it was a server issue, and spent a couple of hours trying to sort it out.

Please consider adding a warning label to the cron settings page, stating that the times you set are based on UTC. That would have saved me a lot of time and trouble. Thank you for your consideration.