Cron Entries Time Issue


This may have been posted already but I can't seem to find it using search. I am having some strange time issues with my cron entries next run time. I have done the following to try and correct the problem: Options>>Basic Board Information>>Guest's Time Zone>>set to Eastern Time, changed my time zone to eastern in my preferences, checked the server time and it's showing correct, verified that none of my addons are causing the issue, and even rebuilt the master data. So far no luck in resolving the issue here are the screenshots:

As you can see the next run time is showing at 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM

However, the cron jobs are set to run at 2:30 AM and 3:30 AM every Sunday. The day is correct but the time is not, and this is making it difficult to know when each cron job will run unless I go into the settings of each one. It is not just these two cron jobs that are doing this it is all of my cron jobs that are like this. If someone could maybe shed some light on something I may not have setup correctly or if maybe I missed something while trying to fix the issue I would greatly appreciate it!
Yes I'm certain 9 isn't selected just double checked. The only selected value is 2 and 3 in the other one. Also tried selecting other times like 10 and still doesn't show correctly.

Edit: Ok I've done some further investigation on this issue and found that all the cron entries are still set to the default xenforo timezone. So now my question is, would there be another time setting somewhere within either the software itself or just even a simple database table that I am missing?
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