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Criteria Builder - Import/export/write custom criteria for trophies, notices and user group promotion. NO LIMITS!

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If you ever tried to create a trophy, you probably noticed "User criteria" tab. It allows you to set some conditions (number of posted messages, for example), which users must met to be awarded with your trophy.

There are some other systems that use XenForo's criteria system: notices when showing a banner, user group promotions.

The problem is that the amount of available...

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Brad Padgett

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Congratulations on what seems to be at first glance an excellent add-on. This must have taken some time to make and I appreciate the work you put into it. As for the above posters mention of the medal add-on incorporation that was my first thought to use this for that purpose. I may try later on and see if I can use this add-on to attach trophies to medals such as Xenforo 1 [bd] medals trophy extension had. The [bd] medal for xf 2 I don't think can do that yet. This seems to be great for custom work.


Nice addon! Any plan to release a xml file for working with reactions, like XX negative, xxx postive, like,.. and so on? :). my php knowlegde is pretty much non existing :)


When I install this plug-in, I see the following statements:


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Great add-on, congratulations on all the effort put on this.

Will it be possible to apply the X messages posted, but to limit a date range (for example the last month)?


I left a review asking how it this addon not more popular. This addon is seriously one of the more interesting and well implemented addons I've tested out so far.

Attached is one of my first criterion that I wrote for my usergroup promotions. Instead of just promoting based on post count, I wanted to use post count, reaction score, and thread count to calculate a user's "Reputation Score". So in this example a user will get 1 point per post, 3 points per like, and 10 points per thread.


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When I install this plug-in, I see the following statements:

I have the same issue, @aleo :

<span class=sf-dump-num>0</span>

Plus a <script> and <style> section for the dumps.

The development mode is disabled, so debugging turned off.

Maybe @CMTV could help here?