Duplicate Creating Forum and Changing Parent Node Error


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The Problem:

Once I set up a forum Via ACP and try to change the parent node without refreshing the page, I get an error.

I'm guessing this isn't working as expected..
When I leave the page and re-visit it to attempt to change the parent node, everything works out fine.
Version: xenForo 1.1 beta 2.

  1. Created a new forum, filled out info and selected a parent node. Then SAVED.
  2. On the same page, the 'Parent Node' drop-down list was found.
  3. Another category was selected from the 'Parent Node' drop-down list.
  4. The 'save forum' button was pushed.
Error Message OverLay:

The following error occurred:

URL Portion:
Node names/URL portions must be unique. The specified name is already in use.