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We are evaluating future options to migrate from VB4.2.x to XF and one of the major features we want to replicate is a forms-based posting method into our Personal Classifieds section.

The forms allow us to create consistently formatted threads as well as standardise on the thread titles - see examples here :- - unfortunately, you would have to register to view the actual forms for posting.

The method we are using today is based on a hack back in the VB3 days and it was updated to use VB4 datamanagers and templates when we moved to VB4. There are separate PHP files called and custom templates in use.

Is there anything similiar for Xenforo? There is a forms manager mod, but it doesn't seem as customisable as what we require.


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You may want to consider the Custom Fields by Waindigo addon, which can be used to define custom fields user must fill in beside the thread content. Together with Thread Prefixes, this should be what you're looking for.

Thanks for that link and we'll check it out if it can be used for our requirements.

The other possibility is to get a coder to help us create the forms that we need specific to those sections. Currently, our-forms based posting looks like the attached. The first drop-down (Equipment Type) determines what is shown in the second drop-down (Equipment Brand), and the thread title is a combination of the Advertisement Category - Equipment Type - Equipment Brand - Equipment Model fields when filled in.


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Adding on to my previous post - in theory, only the portion that writes to the XF database needs to be updated (since it would definitely differ from the VB instructions) while the rest of the PHP code/script(s) should be usable.

Edit: and the code portions that call on the XF templates to display the forms/preview.