Creating a major forum -> life interactions



With some forums you can have a really nice community, and with that the forum has some official commutation (voice chat such as vent or a chatroom, not to be confused with a chatbox).

Ok now, when you have that, it creates gold.
For some people the results of having the voice chat along with the forum really adds something special to the forum.

In the past I have met up in real life by a forum with voice chat, and it was so much fun. They staid over with us and then we staid over with them (in different countries), and still remain great friends.

It really adds friendship,strong community and makes the members come back.

Anyway, here's an idea for anyone creating a forum.

In the forum you would take all other forums and add them into one.

So say you have forums and that forum is for a certain subject. You add all the subjects into one and let the members go to that forum category, then other people will go and might become friends, becoming into a in real life friendship.

What would be needed: Is some type of official forum commutation (voice chat ; vent or chatroom; tinychat for that forum;.