XF 1.5 Creating a custom BB code with multiple options

Greetings everyone. I'm trying to create a bb code with multiple options but I'm not well at PHP (afaik PHP is required for bb codes with multiple options).

This is what I want.

BB code will be like this:

[customcode author="authornamehere" url="firsturlhere" source="secondurlhere"]text is here[/customcode]

And output as HTML will be this:

Sender: <strong>AUTHOR NAME WILL BE HERE</strong> (<a href="FIRST URL WILL BE HERE" target="_blank">URL</a> / <a href="SOURCE URL WILL BE HERE" target="_blank">SOURCE</a>)

Can you guys help me to do this? I tried a few combinations but can't make it to achieve.

@Brogan @Mike @Kier
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