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XF 1.2 Create Thread Visibility Issue


Active member
After trying very hard to get my forum to look good, it looks almost perfect everywhere except in the Create Thread Section of the forums.

Most of the Create Thread Options are barely visible of not visible at all, is there any way to put something around the options?

To make my Background I put that into EXTRA.css
body {
background: url(My Image URL) #000000 center no-repeat fixed;
html {
background: url(My Image URL) #000000 center no-repeat fixed;



Well-known member
For Background fixed:

Go into ACP: Style Properties: General - click to HTML - Add your Image into the Background: Image Field , set repeat if need and position to top!
And into the bigger bottom Field which says "Miscellaneous" add the following
background-attachment: fixed;
Thats it