Create New User via Mysql in Cloud version


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I would like to automatically register a user on the forum via connecting to Mysql from our application (we have a MySQL connector) after someone purchases/registers our software. Do I have access to Mysql cloud version. For example I could also import/disable/delete a user if required.


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Direct access to the server and database on cloud instances is not available, but an add-on could be written to achieve that, or you could use the API.


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You can create an online demo here:

That will allow you to test out the API.

So for example I was able to run a cURL command online (I don't have it installed on Windows) to get the details of user ID 1, which produced this output:

    "user": {
        "about": "",
        "avatar_urls": {
            "o": null,
            "h": null,
            "l": null,
            "m": null,
            "s": null
        "can_ban": false,
        "can_converse": false,
        "can_edit": false,
        "can_follow": false,
        "can_ignore": false,
        "can_post_profile": false,
        "can_view_profile": true,
        "can_view_profile_posts": true,
        "can_warn": false,
        "custom_fields": {
            "skype": null,
            "facebook": null,
            "twitter": null
        "is_staff": true,
        "last_activity": 1657122055,
        "location": "",
        "message_count": 5,
        "profile_banner_urls": {
            "l": null,
            "m": null
        "question_solution_count": 0,
        "reaction_score": 0,
        "register_date": 1638495878,
        "signature": "",
        "trophy_points": 1,
        "user_id": 1,
        "user_title": "Administrator",
        "username": "admin",
        "view_url": "",
        "vote_score": 0,
        "website": ""