XF 2.0 Create new user - is it possible to do this with an external script?


Hi there,

We use Xenforo for running various forums concerning our amateur boating association.

In Xenforo 1 it was possible to automate the Create New User function (and also modify accounts) by doing step by step actions driven by VBA from Microsoft Access. I hasten to add it wasn't written by me.

With the new upgrade to v2 this doesn't work.

I've been asked to ask if we can have access to the form code to do this function. or can you suggest a way of automating creating a new user and modifying an existing one. We have a few Custom Fields.

Thank you in anticipation




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You will need to rewrite the code to make it work with XF2.

You have access to the core code/files so the previous developer should be able to update it for you.


Thanks Brogan, the previous attempt was amateur but it did work.

Please could you point me to the core/code files and if there is any manual or tutorial about the XF2 system?




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We are sort of in the same boat (haw haw), there is no tool for us either with our yearly need to refresh the memberlist.
Its a major drag every year to refresh the memberlist.

Xenforo 2 does not seem to bring any new tools to solve this.