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Create and using an option to be used by multiple add-ons


Well-known member
Hi there!

What if one of my add-ons needs to create and use an option in ACP. I create an option and assign it to my first add-on.

Then I create another add-on that needs to use the same option... It wont get auto created if it doesn't exist because that option is only associated with the first add-on. Another problem is that if I uninstall the first add-on the option will be removed.

I'm not sure if I could explain clear but I hope you get what I mean. Is there a solution for this?


Well-known member
The only thing I can think of is to create a base or parent add-on and require it to be installed for your other add-ons to work properly, in your case it could be a simple XML file which can be included with all child add-ons.

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
Another potential solution, though messy, is to make the installer of each add-on look to see if the option id exists. If it doesn't, create it. Seems kind of rigged though. The parent add-on idea is probably best.