CPU Load


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I have to watch a server of a client; they have two times a xenforo running in web1 and web2;
both webs have some thousands visitors a day; maybe till to 100 at the same time (says Google).

With top i see some values about the server; for example: when i activate/deactive the addon thread-rating the cpu is up to 80%.
While normal use it is up till 50%; that seems pretty much to me. I know there is an addon to show slow mysql-queries. Is there anything to show the cpu usage also?

Maybe this is normal? Maybe there is a need for newer server? Maybe there is an addon that is not well done?


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Turn on debug.
At the footer you will get new information about the page presented as a link.
Click the link.
Now browse through that page to see the queries taking a long time to process.


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Yes, shure, but what are good values?
Forum_ist has for example 27 queries and needs 0,2 seconds.
When using widget framework the queries goes up to 40-50 for example.