Add-on Coupon System for User Upgrades

I am waiting for a coupon system that users can redeem a coupon and get a discount when member going to upgrade his/her membership through User Upgrades option.
Admin should be able to create/edit/delete coupons and their expiry dates or the maximum number of redemptions per coupon as he needed and set the discount as a percentage .

If anyone develop such an add on it would be great.



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I'd love to see something like this. Coupons are essential for promoting a paid membership website through competitions, affiliation etc.


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I had paid someone to make this mod for me. I am trying to see if @Waindigo could fix it up and release it to work with his awesome user upgrade mods.

Right now, they are single use coupons. I'd like to see multi-use coupons that can be enabled/disabled