Couple Questions Before Purchase

I need to talk to my colleague before we purchase this, but I have a couple questions prior to buying it.
So, couple main things I need to confirm.
There's a program we're in the process of developing that will require a log in. The log in would need to be with the forum account. Is there a way to safely do this already in XenForo or a plugin that will allow this or will it need to be coded by ourselves? It's not a problem if we have to, I just want to see if there's a more secure way.

Also, is there a "monthly subscription" plugin or add on or whatever you call it for XenForo?
Example of this is
That's simply an example, they're running off of vB and I wish to know if there's anything like that for XenForo. No, I'm not doing anything like them. It's the first solid example I could think of.

If you have any questions, ask and I'll answer and add it to this post.
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