Couple of questions...

Hi guys,

I'm looking at buying a license but have a few questions..

I currently have a phpBB community set up with around 200 members and growing..(only been setup for 2 weeks! )

I can't seem to find much information on customisation / mods and are there any converters?

Also, there are a few things going on behind the scenes between yourselves and Jelsoft how will this effect my license purchase?




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The list of converters is in this thread:
Currently a phpBB importer doesn't exist but you can go via vB using Impex.
I use phpBB myself so hope to convert very soon.

All Add-Ons and Modifications are here:

Regarding the current court case, it's impossible to state what any possible outcome will be.
There's a thread here about it:

If your forum has only been set up for 2 weeks, I personally would take the hit and just start afresh with XenForo.
Yes you'll lose the content but it won't take long to build it back up.