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The number of reactions a first post has received does not necessarily reflect the thread quality. The first post may receive negative reactions, followed by 20 posts with many positive reactions. Or the other way around: If the first post receives positive reactions, but the next 20 posts are dreadful then we surely don't want this included in the Activity Summary Email. But this is the case now.

IMO it would be much better to measure the total reaction score for the whole thread. In such case the second example would not get advertised to the entire member base. If we could set the minimum total reaction score for the mailing then this would be very useful:
Thread has at least X total reaction score.

Another metric that would be useful to use is:
Thread has at least X positive ratings.
Thread has no more than X negative ratings.

I think this would allow us far greater accuracy with establishing good threads and sending out good content.
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