Fixed Copy/Paste Image Location With Proxy Results In Long Link


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Really something odd, but if an images location is repeatedly copied and pasted to different threads with the image proxy enabled, you end up with a huge proxy link.

From what I can tell this one has been copied and pasted at least 3 times...

And from what I can tell, proxy.php is processed for each iteration.
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I've worked around this by having proxy.php essentially resolve the recursive calls as far as it can. This prevents a cascade of calls being necessary; one request will load the image from the remote server.

I've also made a change that should prevent the recursion from happening in the first place, though it may make a single proxy call. We have a situation where we do try to resolve it, but it won't necessarily apply to all scenarios. Applying a filter to de-proxy any image calls within a post is much more viable in XF2.