As designed Copy and paste removes font and colour formatting


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In TinyMCE when you copy and paste text from another source, it retains colour formatting. The current editor strips this out.

This post is an example:

and it taken from some of this post on the Playstation blog:

The YouTube video isnt' copied across, though it didn't do so on TinyMCE so I expected that. You'll notice though that the titles Playstation Plus, PS3 games etc have lost both their font format and colouring.

I'm not sure if this is a but or as designed. I'm less worried about losing the font formatting but ideally I would like the colour formatting retained.


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It was said it removes the formatting, most of it, if it isn't from other xenforo forum.

But still it still have a bit of the issue that TinyMCE had, paste something and when submit, the posted result is different than the one it did show in the editor. But it's better than it was. ^^


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Personally I am very happy that font and color formatting is stripped from the paste. I am not a fan when users get too creative with fonts and colors, in particular when it wasn't specifically intended (they can still manually apply font and color styling).


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The best of remove colour formatting is indeed for Dark Styles, that with the last editor we always needed to remove formatting to remove the black colored text in a already dark style.


Any way of turning this on for those using light styles and that actually need to keep colours during copy paste?