Design issue Copy and paste into editor

Affected version
2x Beta 2
Hello Everyone,
When I do a copy and paste into the Xenforo 2 editor from this Breast Cancer site, the paste has some spacing? However when I make the actual post, it will come together. When pasting into the editor of version 1.5, this did not happen. It pasted together.



2017-09-14_12-47-56.jpg as you can see, the actual post is fine.


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On the whole, I think I may have to call this a design issue. It's related to how Firefox structures the pasted HTML and what happens after that gets inserted in the editor. Firefox maintains spaces that are in the source even if they aren't ultimately visible to the end user (due to whitespace collapsing in HTML). In the rich text editor, these end up being maintained. The XF1 system uses an entirely different editor so there are likely a number of contributing factors that make the current behavior different.

While I am doing a little bit of whitespace stripping now, it's not something we do in all cases as it's very difficult to determine how it will render (especially efficiently).