XF 2.1 Converting Menu Into Multi-Drop Down


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Is it possible to convert the default menu system that comes in XenForo 2.1 to a Multi-level menu system? And if so where do I find the code to make the change?

What I want to do is as shown in the screen shot, I want to take the link in yellow and make them a flyout of the main link above them. So in this instance it would be:

Popular Content
--->(flyout) Most Replied Threads
--->(flyout) Most Like Threads
...and so on.

Here is what it is currently:


And here is what I want to achieve:



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Not with my approach above, no. This is strictly a CSS approach sort of manipulating the way the sub-links show on the main menu, it doesn't create a clicking toggle feature. What you're after would require further edits.

I just found it doesn't show the contents of the third level well.


And how do I configure the width of all menu? I want to make them narrower..


I was looking for something like this.
And I wouldn't mind if all menuitems below level 2 was shown in the same menu.The issue for us is that the first level is too long.
That will probably not be an issue för level 2.
Can I limit it to one sublevel?