Converting from PHPBB

Hi All,
We have a very busy PHPBB forum and we are currently looking to move over to Xenforo, obviously our main concern is converting all the data into the new forum as we have over 6,000 members and around 70,000 posts.

Our main questions are:

1. We have two member groups, one is free membership and the other is paid membership, will the conversion recognise the different user groups?

2. We have a members gallery within our forum, will this be converted or will we have to start again from scratch?

3. Is it possible to have a trial of Xenforo so we can test the conversion works OK?

Thanks in advance, I am sure I will have more questions



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The user groups will be imported but not the recurring memberships from PayPal.
Members will need to resubscribe.

There is an official gallery add-on - the link in my signature shows which importers are available for it. Currently phpBB isn't one of those.

You can try an online demo - the link is in the pre-sales FAQ in my signature.
Thanks for your reply, the groups are converted manually by the admin team so as long as the groups are converted that will be great.

Is there any chance of a converter for the PHPBB gallery in the future as our members have several thousand images in their galleries ?

Finally, will the online demo allow a test import and conversion so we can check it works OK?