Converter for MyBB


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Might be worth posting as a suggestion if it hasn't already been done. If there's anyone you trust that has an IPB or vBulletin license you could ask them to convert for you, then you could use the converted db to import to xenForo. Best of luck!


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don't waste your time.
I posted how you should do it.
I don't advise waiting for an official converter.

This thread is a duplicate, and reported as such.
And why wouldn't you advise waiting for an official converter :rolleyes:?

An official convert would cause less problems than converting twice (MyBB -> vBulletin, vBulletin -> XenForo), and you would have support in case there was an issue in the conversion process, or was an issue with data after conversion; the same cannot be said for what you suggested.

A third party convert, like what is available for SMF and punBB is another solution, and will often get support from that creator, so that is another alternative. The problem with this you cannot be assured of code quality, and it can be troublesome in and of itself.

His best bet is waiting for an official converter, or waiting for a 3rd party converter, or as a last option paying for conversion.


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A myBB converter would be a very nice addition to the xenforo converting catalogue.

I had a site that failed imports [to vBulletin] because of the MyBB version number, so the database is obsolete.


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Well ... this user would have been waiting 8 months ... so far. That seems like a long time.
Well how long do you think xenforo has been around for ? When do you think you will learn not to push people against their choice ?

Give them some space atleast you just don't understand do you ?