Other Convert Photopost to Xenforo Media Gallery



I am running out of time lately and looking for support.
My page has a Photopost Script running and I want to convert this to Xenforo Media Gallery.

Please let me per pm know who is interested, what would be the price level and what are comparable references.



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Yes, but it doesn't work right yet and your team keeps saying there is no ETA whatsoever, but you are saying it's ready?

Your team member Slavik says, "XF1 gallery import is, not ideal, XF1 didnt support Albums within categories, so imported items could look extremely out of place This will change in XF2 media gallery, but those importers are still in alpha stage, and certainly not reliable enough to be used on a production import If you go via XF1, you may need to spend considerable time manually re-assigning albums to categories once the upgrade to Xf2 is done"

We've been trying to figure out a solution now for 2 months, while we anxiously wait.