Other Convert custom PHP script / page to work with XF (paid)

I recently converted from VB3 to XF. I have a PHP script that was the foundation piece for a custom VB page which calls a webservice, retrieves some data, then builds a custom page including google map with the information provided in the webservice return XML. It's a pretty small script, but I need it rewritten to work properly with XF as a custom page with PHP callbacks.

If you can do this work quickly for me, please PM me and I will send over the scripts so you can give me a price quote.

There are actually a couple of these that I need rewritten, but I want to start with the most important one and then go from there.

I've been doing more research on how to implement custom pages with PHP callbacks. I believe all you would need to do is alter my PHP script to conform to the expected XF structure so that it's output HTML can be used in a custom page. The whole XF PHP Callback thing is just a bit over my head.

Still looking for a little help.