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Ashkir has told me that my community can be converted from ZB to PHPBB to XF.

What happens to the links for all the old threads?
Do they remain the same (keeping in mind we already have a custom domain and will move it over in the move). If they don't, what's the best way to update any posts that have links to specific threads in them?

Chris D

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There's a big if here...

Yes, you can redirect PHPBB links to XenForo ones using the redirection scripts... but can the same be said for ZB to PHPBB?

The redirection scripts usually work on the basis that either a database table contains a list of the old post IDs and what the new post ID is, or that the post and thread IDs stay the same.

So ideally, as long as the importer from ZB to PHPBB retains the same post and thread IDs (and members and forum IDs, etc.) then it's just a simple case of redirecting with htaccess URLs like this to
Digging up a slightly old thread here, but the link for the redirection scripts reference vB and IPB but don't include phpBB. Are there redirection scripts for phpBB? I took a look in the add-on forum and couldn't find anything that looked promising...


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There is no need to use an intermediate import for phpBB3, the built in importer works just fine. Just make sure to keep the ID's, otherwise your redirects wont work.
MagnusB - thanks for the note. I've run the conversion multiple times during testing and found that it works REALLY REALLY well. During my evaluation of IPB recently (before all but deciding to go with XenForo) it couldn't convert properly - all sorts of issues. XenForo's conversion is impressive - I enjoy watching it go through cleanly and seeing all our posts "just work". The redirect issue is what I'm tackling now.

Chris - thanks for the link. I actually came across that after more searching yesterday, so glad I was in the right spot. Looks like those guys are making good progress and showing some of the issues before it finally works. And, of course, the best posts are when someone with an issue finally responds with "it worked!". Always makes me feel better. :)