XF 1.5 Conversations - Possible Issue


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After starting a conversation, shouldn't it redirect to the conversation?

It is staying on the Create a New Conversation page for me.

The only conversation add-on is the conversation icon under the avatar.


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You would have to test in a default style with all add-ons disabled.

I suspect an add-on or customisation is interfering with the normal process.


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That sounds like a lot of fun.

Also... is there no way to delete a conversation so that the other person does not respond if you have left the conversation? Being that they don't know that you can no longer see their reply.


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I understand that... but that suggests the other participant understands how the forum software works and also recognizes that he is the only one left in the conversation. And it would prevent the other participant from replying and expecting a response from the creator who is no longer in the conversation. Quite frankly, when I opened up a conversation and replied, I paid no attention to the fact the other person had left the conversation... as it still shows that person as a participant, even though they left the conversation.

A delete button would certainly eliminate any confusion. A Google search testifies to the fact there is obviously a lot of confusion about it.


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If they leave the conversation, they will normally be re-added to it when you reply. This won't happen only if they explicitly select the "ignore" option, in which case you not being informed of this action is intentional as the primary reason for this option is to allow them to avoid a potentially abusive conversation (or one they're very much not interested in, particularly if it's a high traffic group conversation).