XF 2.2 Conversation Reactions not added to a member's overall tally

Mr Shap


Someone brought it up today that if a member attracts a reaction in a dm conversation, that the reaction score is not added to their overall tally. I was able to verify this, and I was wondering if there was some intention behind leaving them out of the feature function for this part of the experience?

The only thing I could see is that for members who DM more than post in public that it could be a little confusing to see a high score and a low number of posts. Apart from that possibility, does anyone know if there any reason these are left out of the tally when they happen in conversations?
Yes it is intentional:

public function reactionsCounted(Entity $entity)
   return false;

I think part of what you mention is the reason, alongside the fact that conversation message reactions aren't public (not in the news feed or reactions received pages), and the scope for people to be able to artificially inflate their own reaction score in private using another account they have control over.
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