XF 1.4 Controlling the Length of Time for Showing Temporary Notifications


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Is there a way to control for how long overlaid temporary notifications such as:

150804 Temporary Notification.png

are shown?

Too often notifications vanish before I can finish reading the text. I would like to adjust this.


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Unfortunately, couldn't pin it down. I tinkered with @ajaxProgress and @redirectMessage but had no luck. Additional guidance would be much appreciated.

Chris D

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There isn't a setting to adjust this.

The timeout for the specific type of AJAX success/redirect messages you're referring to (there are other cases which this doesn't cover) is explicitly set in the JS.

In js/xenforo/min/xenforo.js find:
Replace with:
Where 9999 is the number of milliseconds as desired.

Unfortunately, as this is a direct code edit (and not really recommended) any changes you make here would need to be reapplied after every XF upgrade.


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...and not really recommended...
I understand this.

Still, some temporary notifications are too long to read in the short while one is accorded. I literally had to take screenshots to get the exact content of those messages.

One possibility is to make this parameter available in ACP for further adjustment as different languages do vary in length and time necessary for reading comprehension.