Lack of interest Context-dependent search box text overlay

Digital Doctor

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Change the Text overlay of the Search box to reflect exactly what will be searched.


Text overlay of the Search box would also change depending on tick boxes.

The text just clarifies exactly what is being searched for.

Addons (wiki, gallergy, blog) would also be able to change the text.
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It doesn't happen on any other page.

Just seems like superfluous bloat to me.

Digital Doctor

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Why ? Clarity.

Users of a subforum or subcategory sometimes think they are searching everything ... but they are just searching a subcategory.

It doesn't happen on any other page.
I guess I want it on the other pages as well.

I would anticipate this idea could be implemented with little overhead.

Certainly IPB does a great job of this.

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The help section is also completely separate from XenForo. So no, it doesn't have the Context-dependent search box you want.