XF 2.2 Contents different from those originally downloaded


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I'm building an add-on on a local server, then "bump version", "build release" and do add-on upgrade on my forum on a remote server.
Now on my local server I can see that red warning "There are 5 missing files or files with unexpected contents. You should review these."
And those files are my add-on files.
src/addons/AV/ActivityWatcher/addon.json Unexpected contents
src/addons/AV/ActivityWatcher/Admin/Controller/AWController.php Unexpected contents
src/addons/AV/ActivityWatcher/_data/admin_navigation.xml Unexpected contents
src/addons/AV/ActivityWatcher/_data/phrases.xml Unexpected contents
src/addons/AV/ActivityWatcher/_data/templates.xml Unexpected contents

I probably know why it happened. One time by mistake I upgraded the addon on a local server instead of the remote one. That's when I first time saw this warning. But I didn't know what to do and just ignored the warning, kept developing the addon, and everything looked fine. New version worked on remote as on local. But today it went to a new phase.

I added new navigation links, templates and actions in a controller. Bumped the version, built-released, and oops...



Remote (half of links are missing)


What's going on and how can I fix it?
Thanks in advance.
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