content type / node type



Where's the diference between this 2?

For example, if i would like to create a linklist add-on which have:

table linkcategory (id, name)
table link (id,name,url, linkcatid)

Would this be node types,content types or would i have to create both?


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Currently there are four types of Nodes: Category, Forum, Link Forum, and Page.

Content Type is the type of data: post, thread, profile post, user and even the Node it self.


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Yea, i've seen this in the database, but i don't understand what a "node" is.
Simply, a node is a collection point for content. I look at them as cupboards you are building to organize different things (content). The type of cupboard you build depend on what you want stored in there: cups, can food, plates, etc., :)


So, my node would be link and i would need 2 content types => linkcategory & link


I still have no clue about this new things.

I need to port my own coded vB Linklist to xenforo and i want to make it "the xenforo way"

Node (Collection Point) would be linkcategory
Content Type would be linkcategory,link,linkcomment

Does it make sense to use this?
ATM it's just trashing my time because i have to check what the code is making, instead of "implement it my way" but as said, i'd like to use the complete Framework


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Node types are only needed if you're designing something to sit within the node tree, like a forum or a page. If you're not trying to do that, then you don't need to bother with them.

Content types are really just used when you want to involve frameworks that are content agnostic, such as like or report handlers. These are situations where you use basic frameworks and extend them with content-specific handlers. The only time you need to create a content type is when you start delving into that.

I don't know the details of what you're trying to do, but your node/content type breakdown sounds reasonable.