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Xon submitted a new resource:

Thread Title Edit History - Logs thread title changes to the XF edit history system.

Pushes thread title edits into XenForo's Edit History system.

To see Thread Title history, the "Manage Thread" permission is required.

Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "More Information" link.


If you appreciate this addon, please consider a contribution via PayPal. Details will be provide via private conversation.

Please contact me if you wish for different licencing arrangements.

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Does it show after you disable the add-on which adds "usuarios que visto publicación" block?


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@Xon would it be possible to add "view title edit history" as a permission? i'd like regular users to be able to view the title history as well, not just mods and admins


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@Xon XF1 is add-on title is Thread Title Edit History but XF2 Content Title Edit History? Why this add-on title changed for Xenforo 2? I think this more suitable and understandable title is Thread Title Edit History?


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Xon, not sure if this is a bug but for me it doesn't show the original thread title in the history.

When I edit once the thread title, it says this:

This content has been edited a total of 2 times. Some older edit history records have been removed.

What did it remove? Why does it say 2 times when I edited it once?

And if I click on "view" or "compare versions", it does only show the current thread title, the edited one.

Nowhere is the original title to be found. What do I do wrong here?



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This is my setting. Didn't change it a bit. So nothing should have been removed. The original is still not to be seen.


PS: I forgot that there was a setting for this. Mentioning it with a screenshot would be nice to have in the addon description.


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@sbj this sounds likely an add-on conflict preventing my code from running. Editing the title via the first post and via thread tools => edit thread both capture the changed title.

I think one of the older versions might have had an off-by-1 error for the edit count.
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Okay, sorry, my mistake. I should have done the basic test of checking if other addons are involved or not.

I keep repeating this to new customers to check that first and I didn't do that. I'm so stupid, it didn't cross my mind.

Yes, indeed, it is an addon conflict. False alarm, I'm sorry. I found out which addon it is.