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Fixed Content is not automatically indexed properly in XFES single-type mode

Affected version
XFES 1.1.7


XenForo developer
Staff member
If single-type mode is enabled in XFES 1.1.7, content will not be indexed on demand as expected. Rebuilding the search index will index the content as expected.

(Note that generally speaking, single-type mode should not be enabled unless you are creating your index in Elasticsearch 6+, which as of this message, is still a preview release.)

To resolve this, in library/XenES/Api.php, change:
return sprintf('%s/%s/%s-s', $indexName, self::$_singleTypeName, $type, $id);
return sprintf('%s/%s/%s-%s', $indexName, self::$_singleTypeName, $type, $id);