XF 2.1 Content bookmarks and the return of per-post share controls

Ahh, it seems like only yesterday (as I write this, it was!) we were talking about the fifth in our HYS series for XF 2.1, and already we're onto the sixth, so welcome! In case you've not yet seen the previous entries, (why not?!) you can check them out here.

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If I like the type of content that a member posts, I would very much be interested in the content that they bookmark, as that will lead me to even more great content that I would never be able to find on my own. Therefore, my suggestion for a future release is to allow members to publish their bookmarks on their profile pages for others to see.
Great Idea. I think I remember seeing that implemented somewhere... ;)
Might need a privacy setting. I wouldn't necessarily want my bookmarks list public.

Suggestion here, https://xenforo.com/community/threads/share-bookmarks.155430/
A small suggestion, before it is released.

Is it possible to have the forum node displayed in the overview for bookmarks? It makes it more organized.

Or make the labels automatically the name of the node, if nothing is entered?

Would be nice if we could filter quickly all bookmarks of a node.
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The bookmark feature in my experience is not used very often. So I suggest not displaying it in the current position and making it a link in the sub-navigation bar next to the other similar links.


XF has always made it super easy to find new content you've not yet read
cough cough
Thats one of the things forums (including Xenforo) are way behind. Bookmarks are a great improvement but so much more is needed to detect content buried deeply in the forum.

I have to agree. Bookmarks is a good feature, but not at the expense of dropping the 'Whats New' nav icon for mobile. Whilst the latter's target was a poor implementation I would have much rather seen this improved, instead of being replaced by a bookmarks icon.
I also agree, they are two really good features but initually you have to find a thread or post to bookmark, so for me the 'whats new' has a higher priority in a mobile.
+1 Totally agree
I agree about the bookmarks link too. I think it makes far more sense under the User Avatar menu with the other options such as "Your Content".
It will be also nice to have bookmark icon at profile page, similar to @AndyB Bookmarks that can be accessible from every page.

Desktop view


Mobile View

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I like the current bookmark placement as I think it's something members would use often and want easy access to. Maybe give people a choice about what they want in that menu area?
A must have functionnality and the 'Copy to clipboard" is very usefull specially for active members who wants to help others in redirecting them in similar or famous threads.
So another paid addon to uninstall :LOL:
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