Constant down times - need host suggestion

My website is going down about once a day with this error.
I'm in constant contact with my host Eleven 2 about the issue. They just tell me "heavy server load it's back up now" a couple hours later.
I can't have this as I'm getting 500+ hits a day with 30 people online at max times.
Can anyone suggest a reliable host? I picked Eleven 2 because it was suggested here even though I've always had godaddy (mind you with no down time ever).


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The hardware isn't coping with what you're asking from it.

It could be your end, e.g. If you have a particularly badly coded Addon that is causing loads of queries but it's more likely that it's something else on the shared server which simply can't handle everything being asked of it.

If you want to try and persevere, ask them what is causing the server load. Is it your account or someone else's, etc.

I'd suggest moving to a better host though.
Yeah I looked at their server issues and they had 5 servers reported down yesterday. Now today mine is down... Again. I haven't had anything installed besides a skin since our inception.
They have not responded to tickets all day. Has been about 5 hours and I can't access my cPanel either.
I have a 2 day old server backup but that's not the same as a forum backup correct?
Yes it's a database backup. Honestly this is some of the worst customer service I have experienced.
They just say server overload it's back up and close the ticket.


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Thanks for the suggestion. That's not on my end right? Internal server error would be from them?
If these are corresponding with not being able to access cPanel, then no, it's definitely not on your end. You can go into cPanel and view the error log, but you very likely won't find anything. Sounds like a completely overloaded server.
Yes, but they said they host a lot of forums in the us and based on their speeds I will be fine.
I do receive 20% of my visitors from the uk also.


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It's not.

It's 1 second to you.
It may be half a second to the highest paying members of his site.

You have no idea.
Obviously. I'm just saying that your comment about milliseconds is completely baseless.
I'm serving NYC primarily. It's a forum for NYCFC supporters. Yes we have people from other pars of the country that once lived in the NYC but primarily England as the funding club is Manchester City and NYC as that's where the new club is now.
That's why I didn't mind it being England. Not THAT far from England.