Lack of interest Consolidate the 'upgrade account' page functionality & layout

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If you add a subscription to your site, then you will need to add a new subscription / account upgrade for:
  1. each type of upgrade
  2. each duration of each upgrade
  3. if you accept both singular payments and recurring payments, then each type of upgrade will have 2 versions.
So lets say that you add 3 types of upgrades, with 9 durations, for both recurring and single payments.
Then you end up with 54 lines of upgrades on the same page that the member can choose between. On my monitor only the first 10 upgrades are above the fold.The other 44 upgrades are visible through scrolling down. So you end up with an endless page that members need to scroll, while you offer only 3 types of upgrades.

Why not give us the option to make the layout a little more compact?
If the same line could have both the 'subscribe' and 'purchase' button then that would already reduce the number of items with 50%.
If each type would have a list of possible durations with a radio select button, then this would greatly reduce the needed space, scrolling and number of upgrades to list.

If a website only has a few account upgrade listings, then there is much benefit to having one click purchases like XF currently has. So while I think that the above would be a big improvement, I would not want to take the current one click purchase functionality away from anyone. Therefore I would like to suggest this as additional layout functionality, not a replacement.
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