Consistency in the black lightbox


I am suggesting some consistency in the lightboxes as some places have strong non faded edges ie the forum description and others have faded edges like the membership card. If i may suggest, i like the strong edges because that seems more consistent with the rest of the forum because i don't really notice things fading away.

I also like the strong edges because the bluebox that pops up also have nice strong edges, so the lightbox can be consistent with that.
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I agree. The avatar upload box has a thick border and a "Cancel" button. The file upload box has thick border and circled X. The member card thingy has no border and the X...


Yeah, I suggest we keep it the way the upload file and forum description has it, with strong borders and change the membership card lightbox to have strong borders also. The strong borders keeps consistent with the bluebox ie the box that shows the list of followers and following on the member profile.


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I'd look at at highslide vs lightbox? Highslide is a lot more flexible and lets you bring up images in a non-model popup so that you can:

A. Have more than one image open at a time, which is REALLY useful if you are comparing.
B. Lets you move the image out of the way so you can see the surrounding context after it's popped up.

Highslide is just nicer. :)

As always YMMV yadda yadda ;)