Considering XenForo

I have several vb licenses, have a major project that i will be working on over the year and need a good platform.

I need robust forum, minimal social networking and blogging features.

VB 3.8.x was perfect...but now depracated and well vb 4.x.x totally sux

Does xen have a blog feature for users?
is there a more advanced postbit info?
is there a "friends" feature?

also, is there an example of a robust and modded out xenforo that really shows the potential with some investment?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe xen is not for me just seems clean and efficient and I know I will use it for another smaller project (old school forum basics are all needed)...if that is the case, what is recommended?


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There is no blog as part of the core currently, there have been some bridges developed for WordPress and Joomla though.

The 'postbit' options are set per style in the ACP. Try changing to the 'Kitchen Sink' style on here to see what else can be added (bottom left of the footer).

You can follow people which adds their activities to your news feed. There is no friends feature as there is in vBulletin though.
thanks for that brogan

if there is a seemless (no need for double registration/login - shared data) plugin for wordpress that actually would be aces!

what is the mod community like. Over the years the mod community degraded into scammers and incapable people.

Has there been any 3rd party developers doing things yet for xenforo (like vbadvanced or vbseo) or even freelancers?

(sorry to sound like a n00b but I AM! I have no clue how long this thing has been around...just now today looking for an alternative to buy ASAP!)
oooooo i like kictchen sink...those kinds of things are what i need for the new site I am making. if i can get each user to have their own private blog, customizeable profile pages, we may be on the way to something.

if i have vb - can i IMPORT users and posts to xen?

i am actually getting a little excited with this kitchen sink version...i like the profiles when you clidk on them in a lightbox ajax thing...good stuff

so who is the kick butt developer i need to talk to to customize one of these for me????


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Hmm, maybe there isn't then.

I recall there being quite a bit of discussion on it but I can't seem to find anything definitive about a bridge.
so far, not making much progress on finding someone who can help me make xenforo do what i need

install, put in basic mods, custom nav, custom profile, custom postbit and some other layout changes

prefer an adult with a strong work ethic over a really talented teenager. This is for a business project

if you are not comfortable recommending someone, please tell someone you know that i am looking!
This is exactly why the project stalled on vb (that and the fact they went to 4.x.crap)