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Considering XenForo to replace vBulletin

I am working with a site that has vBulletin 3.x. I am not sure of the exact version number. I'd like to convert it to something modern, supported, and well liked. XF seems to fit that mold. The sites stats are: Threads: 9,223; Posts: 87,267; Members: 2,932. That seems rather small compared to some I see in the forum here.

There is currently some weirdness with our register.php being spammed. I imagine this has to do with the version level and vulnerabilities. Would this issue convert over to XF if we switch?

Does XF contain built-in CAPTCHA or some other human verification? I'd like to keep spammers at bay as best as I can.

I checked the site and all version levels are where they need to be for a XF conversion.


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Yes, there are built in captcha systems - reCaptcha and Q&A.

As well as many other spam management tools.
Thanks. I appreciate that info. Which section of the forum here would be best for plug-in questions and conversion questions? I feel pretty confident I will recommend going with XF.


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