Confirmation emails...

Adam K M

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I currently have an issue where users aren't receiving the "confirmation" email that get's sent out when you register... and for those that do receive it, they get it in their spam...
Any ideas on how to fix it so that users will actually get the email/remove the requirement to sign up with a valid email (or at least confirm it).



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I have :O
Want me to post a screenshot of the 'registered forum users'?
Nah, just what Brogan said. Public forums asking for support usually (not always) equates to unlicensed users posting for support. Since staff are the only ones that can see licensed status, a lot of non-staff will assume unlicensed and just mention it. I had a feeling you were licensed by your join date, but wanted to be sure. (y)

Adam K M

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Thank you borgan, I'm very busy and have unfortunately not had a chance to take too much of a look around...
So is there a way to disable email authenitcation, or any possible resource for troubleshooting the authentication emails from not going through?