Not a bug Confirmation emails & 2 factor authentication emails takes to long to send

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For some reason, it seems confirmation emails and 2FA emails take roughly 1-3 minutes to send. Much longer than I've experienced this decade from other sites. Other than taking a long time, by the time the user selects "resend email" the original arrives. Clicking the original verification link creates an "error", even if it's within the 15 min window.

I suggest either speeding up the email sending process or making it to where verification links are always good for 15 minutes. In other words, don't cancel the verification link if the user requests another one be sent, just keep it active so long as it's still within the 15 minutes.


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I get them instantly as soon as they send out. I use Google apps however but as soon as a user regsiyers they get the email


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I see. I'll check with my hosting service. So this isn't actually a XenForo bug I guess. Sorry for posting in this section and thanks for your help!