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Sorry if this has been posted before, but log and out are 3 characters so searching is kind of hard to do :p

I remember reading somewhere that Kier/Mike thought it was necessary to have a prompt on 'Mark All Forums Read' which I agree with. However, with the Log Out button being so close to the 'Alerts' section, I think there needs to be the same thing for logging out.

I've accidentally clicked Log Out a few times now when checking the alerts. Maybe it's just me though!


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This has been discussed before but the essential difference is logging out doesn't fundamentally change anything as marking all forums read does.

You can simply log back in again.


You're right, however it can be simply frustrating.

I think this is one of the most intuitive software I've used, but having a highly used feature (alerts) mere pixels away from the logout button may be another discussion point. Personally I think having a dialog (by default/toggleable)
would solve this.