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Are conditionals processed in a template's xen:select section?

I've tried various iterations of this and none of them seem to work...
<xen:select name="default_sort_order" value="{$forum.default_sort_order}" inputclass="autoSize">
   <xen:option value="last_post_date">{xen:phrase last_message}</xen:option>
   <xen:option value="post_date">{xen:phrase start_date}</xen:option>
   <xen:option value="title">{xen:phrase title}</xen:option>
   <xen:option value="reply_count">{xen:phrase replies}</xen:option>
   <xen:option value="view_count">{xen:phrase views}</xen:option>
   <xen:if is="{$forum.node_id} == 3"><xen:option value="addon_value">{xen:phrase addon_phrase}</xen:option></xen:if>
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I don't think so as far as I can recall. This would therefore require duplicating the entire select inside the conditional or if you can prepare the options in PHP and send it to the template then you can pass that array through to an <xen:options source="" /> tag.

FWIW you can do this in XF2 and it supports for each tags inside too.