Implemented Computed privileges

Rigel Kentaurus

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The option for "Test Permissions" is awesome. I would like to go a step beyond from that.
It would be really good to have an option of searching for a user, and then seeing what his permissions are, and where he is getting them from, for example:

Search for: Kentaurus
Can start personal conversations: Yes
- User permission - deny
- Overriden by forum permission - deny
- Overriden by supermod permission - deny
- Overriden by usergroup permission - grant

Of course, this is just an example, and actually I have absolutely no idea of what is the hierarchy of the permissions, I just see that I can grant it in a gazillion different ways (from the mod/admin), from the group, from the forums (aaargggh)

This would help (a lot) in figuring out what permissions a user have, where he is getting those from, and why